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Last Day of My Environmental Journey

Throughout this journalism program, I have learned that the world is indeed larger than one's own private bubble of selfishness. When reporters in my class visited some of the toxic sites of Chicago, they often complained of the smell or the appearance of our location. What about the thousands of people who live and cope in these same areas everyday? How do they feel living in that same stench or sewage that you so vehemently condemn? Complaining doesn't help anything. Watching in pity doesn't… Continue

Posted by Safiya Merchant on August 4, 2009 at 1:11pm

Why I Became Vegetarian

I've always wanted to become a vegetarian, but I didn't have enough strength. I needed something, something that would put it inside my brain that "eating meat isn't right". I've heard the stories of the way animals are slaughtered for meat, but I needed to see in order to believe. And that's what did it; a PETA video titled "Meet Your Meat" changed my view of eating meat for good. I may be new to vegetarianism (I’ve only been vegetarian for about a month), but I plan on staying faithful to my… Continue

Posted by LeJohn Montgomery on July 23, 2009 at 11:00am


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Did you know?

Compiled by Demetria D. Taylor

* Green roofs reduce dependence on the air conditioning by 10 percent, reduces solar heat gain by 95 percent and cooling needs from 25 to 50 percent.

* Making cans from recycled aluminum cuts related water pollution by 97 percent.

Read more



Graffiti and Grub, a grocery store/performance space, plants roots in a food desert. Read more

Recycled glass and rainwater, lead-free paint, solar power, wind energy: What we can learn from the Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry. Read more

A community fights against the hazards of living with a coal plant and other dangerous factories in its backyard. Read more

A singular event reveals how vulnerable Lake Michigan is. Read more

A photographer’s interpretation of what it means to be green in the city of Chicago. Watch the video

Field Museum’s Phil Willink, assistant manager for the fishes collection, talks about species and their habitats and what we can learn from them. Watch the video

On the record with Michael Hawthorne, environment reporter for the Chicago Tribune: “I don’t have a special degree in science or chemistry. I’m a journalist. I just ask questions.” Read more

100,000 people in Little Village wait for an open recreational space they can really enjoy. Read more

How one organization strives for revitalization amid landfills and other toxic surroundings. Read more

Thrift stores see an uptick in business. But one shopper has been shopping resale most of her life. Read more

Tap vs. bottled: The better choice may depend on the container. Read more

When people hear the name Little Village . . . they assume they are going to get shot as soon as they set foot in the community. It is not like that at all. Read more

Can a 110-story building clean up its act? Read more

Throwing away that old shirt is such a waste. Turn it into something fashionably practical. Read more

The Green Youth Farm in North Lawndale teaches students the importance of growing their own food, eating healthier and teamwork. Read more

City dwellers are learning to raise poultry to feed the earth and family. And it’s within the law. Read more

David Willard, collections manager of the bird division at the Field Museum, really is . . . for the birds, and our understanding of their place in the environment. Watch the video

A fantastic voyage into the food industry delivers the goods, the bad and the ugly. Read more

Al Gore’s timeless message could use more human elements. Read more

Contest Winners

Behind the production of our plentiful food supply lies the unspoken truth—an inhumanity to animals. Read more

BGlobal warming and encroaching civilization threaten the Atlantic Ocean’s largest barrier reef. Read more






Bushra Kabir, Northside College Prep

Bri'anna Moore, Waukegan High School

Managing editors

Brenda Becerra, Curie High School

Amairani Galvan, Farragut Career Academy

Photo editors

Jasmine Johnson, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Kimani Smith, Noble Street College Prep

Multimedia editors

LeJohn Montgomery, Hales Franciscan High School

Morgan Selvage, King College Prep

Contributing reporters

Carissa A. Eclarin, Schurz High School

Vivianna Galvan, Farragut Career Academy

Daniela Jurado, Farragut Career Academy

Safiya Merchant, Lane Tech High School

Demetria Taylor, Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Chad Wilson, Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Professional staff
Nancy Day, chair, Journalism Department, Columbia College

Workshop director:
Brenda Butler, media specialist and former Chicago Tribune senior features editor

Rui Kaneya, managing editor, The Chicago Reporter

Maudlyne Ihejirika, assistant city editor, Chicago Sun-Times

Charlie Meyerson, former Chicago Tribune online editor, now WGN-AM news director

Billy Montgomery, reporter, photographer, professor, Columbia College

Lynn Norment, former Ebony Magazine managing editor, now media relations specialist, Carol H. Williams Agency

Antonio Olivo, immigration reporter, Chicago Tribune

Nancy Traver, professor and writing coach, Columbia College

Avis Weathersbee, former Chicago Sun-Times assistant managing editor, now blogger and writer/editor

Cassandra West, former Womanews editor, Chicago Tribune, now writer and photographer

Mike Zajakowski, picture editor, Chicago Tribune


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