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Violence All Around Me

I have lived in Little Village all of my life and I'm sure I've seen more than a fifty-year old from the suburbs. Don't get the wrong idea this is a wonderful town. Here there are all kinds of stores, restaurants, and schools, but also all types of people. Unfortunately, this community consists of two different gangs. Almost every day I see a fight at school or next to my house. These are almost never just fights but more like riots. It is unfair for innocent people to get killed or shot at for someone who can't control themselves. There are people in my family who are gang related but they are stern about what they stand for. It is not only gangs but also including anybody. Girls fighting against girls, guys fighting against each other, or even a random homeless person trying to stab me. It shouldn't be that way; I should be able to greet anybody without then trying to fight. We should not be fighting our own people, our own culture. We should unite and represent ourselves as what we are, Mexicanos. If we all come together and attempt to understand one another violence would not be such a problem.

"All you need is love". -The Beatles

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