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I use to be a vegetarian when I was younger. I did not eat meat instead I ate vegetarian meat called grillers and chick patties and maybe fried tofu. Instead of eating chocolate I ate a substitute called carob. Soymilk replaced the regular milk that I drink today.

Doing this helped the environment because my household didn’t support the meat industry. Slaughterhouses have to feed the cows and chicken with grains and other crops. These crops are transported in trucks that produce carbon dioxide. More than a third of the fossil fuel produced in America goes to making meat for people to eat. Grazing areas are also needed for living area for the animals. To make the space deforestation occurs. This is also a problem with the environment because it is reducing forest areas. The EPA identified animal agriculture as a major water pollutant. Pesticide spill create “dead zones” in the oceans. Pollution from manure dumps also hurt the planets.

Being a vegetarian was not all bad. I was healthy and the food was not bad tasting, but the taste of meat was always tempting. The initial reason that I was a vegetarian was because of my parents. My father is adamant in his belief of keeping his health in the best condition possible. Today he is still a vegetarian along with a couple of my other friends. As for me I eat a piece of chicken or a hamburger a couple times a week.
The person that made me realize that I would rather be a slightly bit unhealthier was my mom. My mother was raised in the Bahamas where she ate fish and meat. Being raised a carnivore becoming a vegetarian was harder for her than the rest of my family. So after a while she returned to her meat eating ways and I became hooked on meat.

In the future I might become vegetarian again, but I will probably wait until I’m a bit older. For now I do smaller things to help the environment like cutting off lights and recycling some times. Some more ideas I have about going green is opening the lid of my toilet and putting something like a brick inside to reduce water consumption.


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